Asian Food Channel

I am currently addicted to the “Asian Food Channel” because it only has shows featuring, my favorite thing on earth — what else?  — Food!

My favorites:

1) Chef At Home

Whatever Chef Michael Smith cooks seems good to me. Yeah, I think I have this slight school girl crush on the guy… but really, the way he makes fine-dining dishes look very simple to cook at home is pretty fine.



2) Fresh with Anna Olson

There’s something really great about cooking shows that have the country home setting, and this is what Anna Olson’s show has. She ends up getting the fresh ingredients that can be found in her garden or a nearby store, making each dish look comfortably homey.



3) A Cook’s Tour

AFC is currently showing reruns of Anthony Bourdain’s TV version of his book (of the same name), reruns because the 2 seasons of this show were originally from 2000-2001, so you’ll see a younger Bourdain hopping from one country to another, trying out the local cuisine and exotic dishes. Yep, the mother of “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”, it may well be the best show on the channel.

Great places, not so great food, but hey, it’s Anthony Bourdain! (Wow, I actually mentioned his name 4 times)



4) Made in Spain with Jose Andres

My love for Spanish cuisine is reason enough for me to count this show as one of my favorites.



These 4 are the shows that I try not to miss, as each is about a certain interest I have when it comes to food (fine-dining, home-style, travel and Spain). I’m sure that in the next couple of days, I will again find another cooking show that I may add to this list. But for now, let me close this blog entry by saying…

“Now I’m hungry”.



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