A week ago, I made a decision to leave my stressful, yet comfortable, life. Everything was chaotic, I needed change, I needed to escape, I was so ready to face the uncertain. But one person didn’t let me, my boss. She knew I could do better.

Then last Friday, I was again made to choose, but this time, I had a deadline. And I chose to stay. Amidst the hardships, I decided to face my challenges and be the bigger person. After speaking with friends, family and Dan, I came to a conclusion, when it doubt about the change, stay.

At first I thought, hmmm maybe I just didn’t want to rock my now-a-little-bit stable life. But now, as of this very moment, I know that I decided to continue on to show to myself that I can do it. This will give me time to shine. To restore. To fight. To become a better person.

I chose to stay to be reborn.


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