Messaging Etiquette

Apparently, there are still people, even with good educational background, who are not familiar with messaging etiquettes.

One mistake it their use of whole sentences in ALL CAPS. They would think it's them EMPHASIZING points, but what they are ignorant of is that ALL CAPS MEAN THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING ESPECIALLY IF THE ENTIRE SENTENCE IS WRITTEN THAT WAY.

Here's my source.

One instance was when a client of mine got frustrated and used it to me and my team members in our Viber Group. When I called his attention, he said that it's just for emphasis and that I shouldn't be too sensitive.

I wanted to correct him again, but it will become fruitless so I just decided to ignore that statement. The sad thing is, while this is a discussion about etiquette, I was deemed too sensitive.

I was reminded that I will not win an argument with someone ignorant.

Now I want a drink.