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love ’em.

an anxious mother

Two things that made me anxious recently:

1. My daughter’s first plane ride

2. My daughter’s first day in school

A backgrounder: my child wreaks havoc when she is in an unfamiliar place, in an unfamiliar situation.

So for her first plane ride, the ever paranoid mama,  I made sure that we were prepared. We brought her favorite toys (Moana, Merida and Hei Hei dolls), her favorite food (M&Ms), her books, her videos (she is device-free, but for this trip, I made sure I had Moana, Frozen, Hanson’s new music vid, and Brave in my phone), and her trusty binky in our carry-on.  For every cry, tantrum, shout.. we had something for her.

But as soon as we got to the airport, she was awed by how big airplanes were, she was excited to ride one of those giant machines.  While waiting for boarding, she slept so she wasn’t too fuzzy. Then during take-off, she laughed with glee… We only had to get her Merida doll from the bag she wanted toy strapped on her seat.

We went to Boracay for a few days, and I must say, this was the best ever trip we have ever had as a family. We had our well-behaved baby who loved the sea and breeze, and she would easily fall asleep when we rested.

She really is a child of the ocean.


sand castle

On our way home, weather was really bad so there was strong turbulence, and top that, we weren’t able to land on the pilot’s first attempt. Imagine my anxiety and fear building up. But Emma, the best daughter in town… had a great time. Although she was pretty scared of the rain that she could see outside the window… so we had to turn on the device for some dose of Brave.

Now if only she can sit still when she gets her photo taken for her passport (a failed attempt last December that’s why we ended up going on a domestic trip this year).

Yesterday was her trial class in this preschool near where we live.  I made sure she had her snacks, she’s dressed appropriately, and that her mom and dad were there the entire time. I was stressed!

But, again, what a trooper. while she screamed when she didn’t see any of us in the room, she seemed to have a good time.

Emma Eating

At home, we couldn’t make her eat… but in school, look. Pointing up

She participated, made friends and played.



Regular school starts in a week.

My husband and I had a moment yesterday, when we realized that we now have a big girl at home. Someone who doesn’t just like being with mommy and daddy. Someone who wants to experience new things and meet new people.

Such a big girl.


New thing I have

I have something new. And I have never been this in love.


My Husband

So let me introduce to you the man who made my dreams come true.


He’s Dan, the ideal guy. The man who argues with me on who loves who more. The protector who wouldn’t let me cross the street alone, who remains restless when I tell him I will walk home after work. The provider who works hard for our future. The Kitchen Master who washes the dishes everyday so that I can rest. My superman who saved me from panic while under water.  The comic who makes me laugh all the time. The future daddy who couldn’t wait to see his son or daughter during ultrasound. The loving son who makes sure that his mom is always ok. The responsible son-in-law who teaches my dad how to work his gadgets.

He’s my man.

My life.

My everything.

What have I been up to lately?

So you wonder… How are things with me? What have I been doing the past few months? Am I happy?







I sure am…I should post more often.


It’s been a while since I’ve reflected on my current life. I’ve been focusing lately on my hardships at work that I don’t really see the entire picture – what I have, where I’m at and who I’m with. Apparently, after 2 1/2 days of vacation, I have come to realize that, dang, what a good life I have.

My job – yeah it sucks because of just one person, but then again, I am thankful. It’s stable, it’s a huge multi-national company, the pay’s just right, the entire work is something I know, I have a wonderful boss, great colleagues, plus, it’s just 10 minutes away from my house! I feel the pressure too much and I have to change the way I cope. So it’s just a matter of changing my perspective. Over-all, I have a great job, I just have to remind myself everyday, when I start thinking of punching someone’s face.

Mcdo in the office

My home – the past few days, I have been visiting my mom’s room every morning just to share with her the stress I’m feeling about work… and you know what’s surprising? Her full support is so evident. She knows what I’m going through and every time I have stories for her, it’s as if she is always with me, 24 hours a day – she has her opinions and she reacts as if she knows the people I talk about. Her room has become a sanctuary for me, the warmth of her love and the cool air that her air conditioner emits make it one of my favorite places when I’m feeling down. When I had difficulty in deciding about my career, my mom told me, “Go to papa and ask him”. So I did, and the last thing he told me was that if I wasn’t sure about the steps I’m going to take, then I should stay. It was those words that made me pause for a bit and choose… and believe it or not, I realized that my choice was the best I’ve ever made.

Mom and Pops

My friends – I have 3 best friends. Jude, Gladys and Kay. We normally chat via Twitter, and I believe that through this site, we became accessible to each other. We know what’s going on with each others’ lives, we bond as much as we can and we have a certain relationship that will never be severed. Jude has been very patient with me, while she is a woman with few words, what she says always makes sense. Gladys and I have been through a lot – lost loves, death, shitty jobs – we even fought for sometime, and given all those, I know I could always count on her. Kay, oh Kay, she’s my BFF within that group. I love talking to her, she gives me strength and she always make me realize that I am good person – she never fails to tell me that. My eternal dive buddy, underwater and on surface, I know she will not let anything bad happen to me. I miss her everyday, really. I admire these women, they amaze me on how they were able to get through the crises that have come their way.

Golden Girls

My Dan – yup, he’s mine. 😛 Everyday, I look at him and I tell myself, girl, you are such a lucky bitch. I’ve known him for years and it was only last year that he really came into my life. He’s perfect, a gentleman, very intelligent, strong, sweet, talented, handsome, athletic and successful… he is someone I look up to. He is everything. For months, he never failed to listen to me when I rant about work and he gave me advices that only he could give because he knows me more than anybody. He’s been very patient and caring, that without him, I’m not sure about the level of insanity I’ll be in right now. My personal trainer to my diva attitude (move over, Paris Hilton), he always makes sure (ok, encourages me) that I live a healthy life because he once said, “I want you and I to be together for a long time.” I have nothing bad to say about him. We may have ups and downs, but the one thing I like is that we experience those together. His great love for his family makes me feel secure and I know I will have a good future with him. Whattaguy. WHAT. A. GUY.

Girl, you’re such a lucky bitch.


See? I am thankful, I really am. 🙂 I will never change anything because this life I have is one that I am willing to live during my entire lifetime.

Thank you, God, for giving me this.

Goodbye Letter

Dear 2010,

Hi there.

How’s it going there in the past? Sorry I wasn’t able to give you a send-off that was as huge as the one I gave for 2009, I guess I was so excited preparing for 2011’s welcome party. But please allow me to give a few words as a short tribute to you.

You know, 2010, just like 2009, I am awed by how I was able to survive you. Yes, at the end of ‘09, I asked you to be gentle… only to realize that “gentle” can be relative. At the beginning of your term on earth, I was in the dumps. Work was shitty, lovelife was… well, weird, one of my best friends was in the US for work, but I was again kept up by diving, family and the sisterhood that was here in the Philippines.


End of your first quarter, the transition on my career has happened again, sisterhood was complete, diving was great, found a rah-rah guy in @maxovrdrive, family was strong, and lovelife was getting more weird. Nothing really much to talk about, except that the last few days of March became really significant and it involved SMS’ regarding night outs (either deliberately or by mistake), drinks in Bugsy’s and band night in Capone’s.



Second quarter was one big KABOOM. Career was chaotic at the start but showed signs of stability by May, sisterhood decided that Buffalo Wings are one of the best food trip finds for the year, the T House was the sisterhood destination for the summer, Ilocos was the clan’s, SMS’ became actual conversations, night outs became night ins, marathons became a goal, diving was exciting (got myself some new stuff while my regulator kept on testing my patience), end of a weird  lovelife, start of love that’s full of life, La Luz was our first trip, and it was never going to be the last, whew… great times, really.

ilocos 023




Tagaytay 002


La Luz 031


Family was the theme for the third quarter. After 2 years, we were complete. Household was pleasantly noisy – and there was fear in me that the weight that was being endured by our 2nd floor will cause our house to cave in – as we celebrated our milestones. A friend also started her own family by marrying the love of her life, while I started loving the man of my dreams. “I love you’s” were exchanged, we helped save the earth, work has finally settled down, Dumaguete became a favorite place… I was so alive!





Samsung photo0495


As the year drew to a close, all the challenges came knocking on my door. Work was again stressing me out (but made me so thankful for the transition), my mom left for the US for vacation, my dad became sick twice, Marble too, I had a flu and mild case of anxiety attack. Oh, John Mayer came by. Spent my birthday at home, spent my birthday weekend in Tagaytay, spent an awesome weekend in La Union, spent Christmas Eve in the hospital, spent my bonus to take care of Marble… but spent all these with the man I love who kept on reminding me that life should not be spent alone.

C360_2010-10-31 08-10-16


Tagaytay 006








All in all, 2010, you gave me one helluva ride. Life was better. Working for the sea was nothing compared to being on the ground, the sea became a friend once again, my friends were part of my family, family was full of love, love was so present and strong, I received strength from my man, my man was here to stay.

Thank you and goodbye, 2010. I will never forget you.

Love, SORD

PS: Hey 2011, bring it on.

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My funny nieces



I have twin nieces, Judith and Katrina, and bless them, they got their mom’s (my sister) hilarious wit.

She posted this on her website:

I overheard this conversation this morning between my twin girls:

Katrina (to Judith, who was snickering):  "What’s so funny?"
Judith:  " Your face!" (that’s how they try to piss each other off)
Katrina:  " Oh yeah? What’s so funny about it?  It kinda looks like yours, you know!"