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“i wanna have your babies!”

Look who greeted me today


David Ryan Harris is part of John Mayer’s Tour Band. Winking smile


Time to post this again

Reading my past blog entries, I came across this. Still love it…

A Pure Moment

March 15, 2008

When was the last time you had a truly pure moment? The simple order of you, the enjoyment, the happiness, the end.

Without that nagging arithmetic of what the moment must look like to others, what it might read like tomorrow, and if it bears any significance in the long term…

When was the last time you heard the voice in your head over all the noise?

Simple happiness is at a premium… and I can’t think of anything more valuable I want to own right now…

Self consciousness is toxic… And it’s everywhere…

I have not learned anything from fame and success that I wouldn’t have wanted life to teach me without it…

From Kyoto, in the rain…

(by JM)

Goodbye Letter

Dear 2010,

Hi there.

How’s it going there in the past? Sorry I wasn’t able to give you a send-off that was as huge as the one I gave for 2009, I guess I was so excited preparing for 2011’s welcome party. But please allow me to give a few words as a short tribute to you.

You know, 2010, just like 2009, I am awed by how I was able to survive you. Yes, at the end of ‘09, I asked you to be gentle… only to realize that “gentle” can be relative. At the beginning of your term on earth, I was in the dumps. Work was shitty, lovelife was… well, weird, one of my best friends was in the US for work, but I was again kept up by diving, family and the sisterhood that was here in the Philippines.


End of your first quarter, the transition on my career has happened again, sisterhood was complete, diving was great, found a rah-rah guy in @maxovrdrive, family was strong, and lovelife was getting more weird. Nothing really much to talk about, except that the last few days of March became really significant and it involved SMS’ regarding night outs (either deliberately or by mistake), drinks in Bugsy’s and band night in Capone’s.



Second quarter was one big KABOOM. Career was chaotic at the start but showed signs of stability by May, sisterhood decided that Buffalo Wings are one of the best food trip finds for the year, the T House was the sisterhood destination for the summer, Ilocos was the clan’s, SMS’ became actual conversations, night outs became night ins, marathons became a goal, diving was exciting (got myself some new stuff while my regulator kept on testing my patience), end of a weird  lovelife, start of love that’s full of life, La Luz was our first trip, and it was never going to be the last, whew… great times, really.

ilocos 023




Tagaytay 002


La Luz 031


Family was the theme for the third quarter. After 2 years, we were complete. Household was pleasantly noisy – and there was fear in me that the weight that was being endured by our 2nd floor will cause our house to cave in – as we celebrated our milestones. A friend also started her own family by marrying the love of her life, while I started loving the man of my dreams. “I love you’s” were exchanged, we helped save the earth, work has finally settled down, Dumaguete became a favorite place… I was so alive!





Samsung photo0495


As the year drew to a close, all the challenges came knocking on my door. Work was again stressing me out (but made me so thankful for the transition), my mom left for the US for vacation, my dad became sick twice, Marble too, I had a flu and mild case of anxiety attack. Oh, John Mayer came by. Spent my birthday at home, spent my birthday weekend in Tagaytay, spent an awesome weekend in La Union, spent Christmas Eve in the hospital, spent my bonus to take care of Marble… but spent all these with the man I love who kept on reminding me that life should not be spent alone.

C360_2010-10-31 08-10-16


Tagaytay 006








All in all, 2010, you gave me one helluva ride. Life was better. Working for the sea was nothing compared to being on the ground, the sea became a friend once again, my friends were part of my family, family was full of love, love was so present and strong, I received strength from my man, my man was here to stay.

Thank you and goodbye, 2010. I will never forget you.

Love, SORD

PS: Hey 2011, bring it on.

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New Raincoat, Anyone?

So John Mayer finally visits Manila. And while I appreciated the entire show and felt it was awesome even from a view that was a million meters away from the stage, I am not really a good source of any review as I don’t think I would be able to give justice to it, read on to understand what I’m talking about.



No Such Thing
Perfectly Lonely
Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Waiting on the World to Change
Stop this Train-> Daughters snippet-> Stop This Train
Your Body is a Wonderland
Who Says
Heartbreak Warfare
Do You Know Me
Why Georgia
Half of my Heart / Don’t Stop Believin’

Edge of Desire


Photo by Kayman

The show was great. No complaints. The setlist was pretty good, very true to the songs in his North American tour. And the guitars, ooh how I wish I was one of those. Oh, no no no. I meant, how I wish I could feel the greatness he showed using all those guitars that Rene handed to him one by one before almost every song. However, a little devil in me wished he played “Good Love is on the Way”, “Come Back to Bed” or “Wheel”; or the ones he would often play in those small club performances he does in the US, such as “In Your Atmosphere (LA Song)”,”Hummingbird” and “The Hurt”.

Great to see John, DRH, Bob Reynolds, Sean Hurley and Robbie Macintosh though, even if it means looking at the big screens near the stage. I wonder if Chad Franscoviak was by that booth in front? Most probably, must’ve been covered by all those freaking umbrellas.

Sigh. I guess it’s quite obvious that I wasn’t happy with the night, with the rain, our location (I will never again depend on an “insider” to bring us to the “nice” seats. NEVER!) and all. ‘twas great hearing him live, it would’ve been nicer if I saw him in person (versus looking at the screen) while he did the songs… Oh well. It was a good thing I was with friends who were happy enough to drink some beer with me while we listened.

Now what the heck am I gonna do with a new long raincoat? Any other concert coming up?


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Manila Rescheduled

Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, the concert being held at SM MOA in Manila on May 16th, 2010 is being rescheduled to October 1st. All original tickets will be honored then. Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

HE’S REALLY COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5/16/2010 Manila, PH

CBP – 1A Pasay 1300
Manila, PH
632 + 556-0680

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