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Rare Five

Almost a week has passed and I am still ecstatic! My beloved Ateneo Blue Eagles, my boys… Once again showed to us what awesomeness is all about.

The drive for five has ended, and I am proud.


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It’s been a while since I’ve reflected on my current life. I’ve been focusing lately on my hardships at work that I don’t really see the entire picture – what I have, where I’m at and who I’m with. Apparently, after 2 1/2 days of vacation, I have come to realize that, dang, what a good life I have.

My job – yeah it sucks because of just one person, but then again, I am thankful. It’s stable, it’s a huge multi-national company, the pay’s just right, the entire work is something I know, I have a wonderful boss, great colleagues, plus, it’s just 10 minutes away from my house! I feel the pressure too much and I have to change the way I cope. So it’s just a matter of changing my perspective. Over-all, I have a great job, I just have to remind myself everyday, when I start thinking of punching someone’s face.

Mcdo in the office

My home – the past few days, I have been visiting my mom’s room every morning just to share with her the stress I’m feeling about work… and you know what’s surprising? Her full support is so evident. She knows what I’m going through and every time I have stories for her, it’s as if she is always with me, 24 hours a day – she has her opinions and she reacts as if she knows the people I talk about. Her room has become a sanctuary for me, the warmth of her love and the cool air that her air conditioner emits make it one of my favorite places when I’m feeling down. When I had difficulty in deciding about my career, my mom told me, “Go to papa and ask him”. So I did, and the last thing he told me was that if I wasn’t sure about the steps I’m going to take, then I should stay. It was those words that made me pause for a bit and choose… and believe it or not, I realized that my choice was the best I’ve ever made.

Mom and Pops

My friends – I have 3 best friends. Jude, Gladys and Kay. We normally chat via Twitter, and I believe that through this site, we became accessible to each other. We know what’s going on with each others’ lives, we bond as much as we can and we have a certain relationship that will never be severed. Jude has been very patient with me, while she is a woman with few words, what she says always makes sense. Gladys and I have been through a lot – lost loves, death, shitty jobs – we even fought for sometime, and given all those, I know I could always count on her. Kay, oh Kay, she’s my BFF within that group. I love talking to her, she gives me strength and she always make me realize that I am good person – she never fails to tell me that. My eternal dive buddy, underwater and on surface, I know she will not let anything bad happen to me. I miss her everyday, really. I admire these women, they amaze me on how they were able to get through the crises that have come their way.

Golden Girls

My Dan – yup, he’s mine. 😛 Everyday, I look at him and I tell myself, girl, you are such a lucky bitch. I’ve known him for years and it was only last year that he really came into my life. He’s perfect, a gentleman, very intelligent, strong, sweet, talented, handsome, athletic and successful… he is someone I look up to. He is everything. For months, he never failed to listen to me when I rant about work and he gave me advices that only he could give because he knows me more than anybody. He’s been very patient and caring, that without him, I’m not sure about the level of insanity I’ll be in right now. My personal trainer to my diva attitude (move over, Paris Hilton), he always makes sure (ok, encourages me) that I live a healthy life because he once said, “I want you and I to be together for a long time.” I have nothing bad to say about him. We may have ups and downs, but the one thing I like is that we experience those together. His great love for his family makes me feel secure and I know I will have a good future with him. Whattaguy. WHAT. A. GUY.

Girl, you’re such a lucky bitch.


See? I am thankful, I really am. 🙂 I will never change anything because this life I have is one that I am willing to live during my entire lifetime.

Thank you, God, for giving me this.

Blog Promotions 2: For the runners


I believe he’s the most serious runner I know.

Check out his blog. It’s about how he conquers each race… and then some.

Click on the image above to visit the site.

My 5K Fun Run

I joined the Milo National Marathon Manila Leg 5K Fun Run (my 2nd this year – yes, yes, me. I know, right?) This was a different experience for me because for the first time, I’m participating in that said event, instead of helping mount it.


I wasn’t checking the routes for flags, I was inside the runners’ area to wait for my turn. Here are the 21K runners getting ready.


I wasn’t with people wearing organizers’ uniforms, but with those wearing singlets that seem to talk to me (“You can do it!”)


I wasn’t preparing the trophies, I was trying to wing the category I’m in.


I wasn’t under the sun, waiting for the winners to be announced, I crossed the line myself.


I wasn’t counting the certificates to be distributed, I actually received one for clocking in before the cut-off.

Being able to mount an event like this is pretty fulfilling, but hey, successfully running the entire course, even if it’s just 5 kilometers, is definitely much sweeter.

My favorite Microsoft Office Fonts

Weird post, right? Typefaces…

and I don’t mean the creative, artsy ones.

I have 3 favorite fonts, all being part of the Humanist group (imitating the letterings on manuscript during medieval times, thus the name).

So here goes…

1. Tahoma


When the Microsoft 2007 was released together with my Windows Vista-operated laptop, I thought the Calibri was what I like most. Apparently, I became fixated with the font that has existed even during the Microsoft 1995 days.

2. Verdana


See? Very much similar with the Tahoma, but just a little bit rounder. And yes, they are from the same batch. But I only started liking it a month ago, probably because this was the mandated typeface that we have to use in all our office documents.

Both the Tahoma and the Verdana are part of the Humanist Sans-Serif family.

3. Segoe Print


Now, this is not a sans-serif typeface, but a a Humanist, still. Segoe Print is a member of the Segoe font group that Microsoft uses for all of their official documents and newsletters. I would normally use it for my electronic signatures, watermarks and informal letters done via Microsoft Word.

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