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Happiness Gone Viral

Coca Cola Philippines came up with this video and the week it was launched, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube went crazy. Congrats Coke. Job well done.


I Like This Song

And I’m actually wondering why…

Katy Perry – “California Gurls”

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Weekend Playlist

Long weekend, and I spent it in Anilao for a much-deserved dive trip. The songs we played in my friend’s car were the usual ones, except for this one. First time I heard the song, and I loved it.

Slash and Adam Levine… who would’ve thought they’d make great music together???

Glam Rock in AI

I haven’t really watched any AI (that’s American Idol) episode this season but this moment in the finale, deserves my time.

Glam rock at it’s finest…

A great tribute…

And a fitting “good to see you back” party.


Sunday Playlist

…only consists of 2 songs.

It’s been a while, you know. But as Penny Lane (of “Almost Famous”) said, “If you ever get lonely, you just go to the record store and visit all your friends.”

It was nice hanging out with you, Rick Springfield

Song # 1: Jessie’s Girl


Song # 2: Taxi Dancing (All I could find in YouTube was the demo version)

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