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an anxious mother

Two things that made me anxious recently:

1. My daughter’s first plane ride

2. My daughter’s first day in school

A backgrounder: my child wreaks havoc when she is in an unfamiliar place, in an unfamiliar situation.

So for her first plane ride, the ever paranoid mama,  I made sure that we were prepared. We brought her favorite toys (Moana, Merida and Hei Hei dolls), her favorite food (M&Ms), her books, her videos (she is device-free, but for this trip, I made sure I had Moana, Frozen, Hanson’s new music vid, and Brave in my phone), and her trusty binky in our carry-on.  For every cry, tantrum, shout.. we had something for her.

But as soon as we got to the airport, she was awed by how big airplanes were, she was excited to ride one of those giant machines.  While waiting for boarding, she slept so she wasn’t too fuzzy. Then during take-off, she laughed with glee… We only had to get her Merida doll from the bag she wanted toy strapped on her seat.

We went to Boracay for a few days, and I must say, this was the best ever trip we have ever had as a family. We had our well-behaved baby who loved the sea and breeze, and she would easily fall asleep when we rested.

She really is a child of the ocean.


sand castle

On our way home, weather was really bad so there was strong turbulence, and top that, we weren’t able to land on the pilot’s first attempt. Imagine my anxiety and fear building up. But Emma, the best daughter in town… had a great time. Although she was pretty scared of the rain that she could see outside the window… so we had to turn on the device for some dose of Brave.

Now if only she can sit still when she gets her photo taken for her passport (a failed attempt last December that’s why we ended up going on a domestic trip this year).

Yesterday was her trial class in this preschool near where we live.  I made sure she had her snacks, she’s dressed appropriately, and that her mom and dad were there the entire time. I was stressed!

But, again, what a trooper. while she screamed when she didn’t see any of us in the room, she seemed to have a good time.

Emma Eating

At home, we couldn’t make her eat… but in school, look. Pointing up

She participated, made friends and played.



Regular school starts in a week.

My husband and I had a moment yesterday, when we realized that we now have a big girl at home. Someone who doesn’t just like being with mommy and daddy. Someone who wants to experience new things and meet new people.

Such a big girl.


Mama Musings

After giving birth, I realized that I was not “briefed” on everything. So I decided to share my daily learnings via this Tumblr site.





Go check it out.