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Mama Bag

Since I would carry my baby , along with some other stuff like her bottle and diapers… I decided to use a backpack as my purse. I can actually wear her (baby wearing, another topic), and place everything, including my wallet in a small backpack.

My choice is the Herschel Liberty Ware

It’s a bit pricey here in Manila, but it serves its purpose.


One of my girly obsessions

I’m a bag lady. I extremely love bags. With a passion.

I have a closet full of ‘em –

  • Designer bags
  • Unbranded cheap bags
  • Utility bags
  • Clutch bags
  • Evening purses
  • Backpacks
  • Totes
  • Satchels
  • Hobos
  • Body Bags
  • Bowler

You will find each of these inside a transparent bag pouch, neatly placed on my shelf.

They are my ultimate simple delights…

Anyway, unlike most women, I don’t have a favorite brand/designer (I’m not part of the “I HEART LV” nor the “DROOL OVER GUCCI” groups), because I look at style, quality and purpose (yup, I have various laptop and camera bags) rather than what the labels bear.

But amongst my collection, my favorite is the Furoshiki-style bag from the GAP which was made available a few years back.


Furoshiki is the traditional cloth used by the ancient Japanese to wrap or transport their clothes when they go visit the public baths. Through the years, however, it became the standard term for bundling items (books, gifts, grocery items, etc) using a piece of cloth. Its popularity went global when it became known as an alternative to wrapping paper and plastic bags –  inspiring the GAP to release a limited edition.

i’ve succumbed to my mom’s bag pressure

because i am now a proud owner of a richard price-designed LV bag. just like any woman, i love bags and i have a closet full of these babies. but unlike most of the ladies out there, i’m not really a fan of anything LV. it’s just that i have a mom who loves it and knows my interests as well. so, she bought me the richard price signature LV bag.

i won’t complain, as it was love at first sight.