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New Raincoat, Anyone?

So John Mayer finally visits Manila. And while I appreciated the entire show and felt it was awesome even from a view that was a million meters away from the stage, I am not really a good source of any review as I don’t think I would be able to give justice to it, read on to understand what I’m talking about.



No Such Thing
Perfectly Lonely
Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Waiting on the World to Change
Stop this Train-> Daughters snippet-> Stop This Train
Your Body is a Wonderland
Who Says
Heartbreak Warfare
Do You Know Me
Why Georgia
Half of my Heart / Don’t Stop Believin’

Edge of Desire


Photo by Kayman

The show was great. No complaints. The setlist was pretty good, very true to the songs in his North American tour. And the guitars, ooh how I wish I was one of those. Oh, no no no. I meant, how I wish I could feel the greatness he showed using all those guitars that Rene handed to him one by one before almost every song. However, a little devil in me wished he played “Good Love is on the Way”, “Come Back to Bed” or “Wheel”; or the ones he would often play in those small club performances he does in the US, such as “In Your Atmosphere (LA Song)”,”Hummingbird” and “The Hurt”.

Great to see John, DRH, Bob Reynolds, Sean Hurley and Robbie Macintosh though, even if it means looking at the big screens near the stage. I wonder if Chad Franscoviak was by that booth in front? Most probably, must’ve been covered by all those freaking umbrellas.

Sigh. I guess it’s quite obvious that I wasn’t happy with the night, with the rain, our location (I will never again depend on an “insider” to bring us to the “nice” seats. NEVER!) and all. ‘twas great hearing him live, it would’ve been nicer if I saw him in person (versus looking at the screen) while he did the songs… Oh well. It was a good thing I was with friends who were happy enough to drink some beer with me while we listened.

Now what the heck am I gonna do with a new long raincoat? Any other concert coming up?



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Manila Rescheduled

Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, the concert being held at SM MOA in Manila on May 16th, 2010 is being rescheduled to October 1st. All original tickets will be honored then. Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

HE’S REALLY COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5/16/2010 Manila, PH

CBP – 1A Pasay 1300
Manila, PH
632 + 556-0680

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This is a great way to end the night.

John Mayer, “Gravity” at the Madison Square Garden, February 25, 2010.

Fantastic video, outstanding performance, wonderful song, awesome guitar-playing, sweet inclusion of “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember”, fitting cover of “Empire State of Mind”… and perfect timing for me.

Definitely one of my favorites.


So do I know that the event we had last weekend was a success?

This photo I took says it all.



Another accidental photo which will forever be in my favorite pics folder:


What a nice humble guy, for a rock star.

Making A Difference: Perfect Chivalry

While I’m on the subject of kind souls, I would like to share with you an experience I had in the past.

About 2 years ago, I was at this event that featured DJ Kaskade – the attendees were hardcore “party people”, the usual audience of shows like these. During the first song, I ordered a can of beer and took a few sips. After a few minutes, I decided to go outside for some fresh air because I started getting dizzy. As soon as I stepped out, cold sweat covered me and my vision became blurred. So I sat down and lowered my head, for blood to circulate properly.

After an hour (or so I think), my friend came out to check up on me and she started panicking as I was not moving, I just kept on repeating that I needed some cold air. Since we couldn’t get a hold of my driver via phone, she got worried and didn’t know what to do (Ask help from the bouncers? Talk to the organizers – someone I know? Help me stand up?) Until I heard a male voice tell her to get water and that he’ll just keep me company to make sure that I was safe. She was hesitant at first, but after seeing how sick I looked, she went inside to get me a glass. For the next few minutes, this stranger talked to me, asked me how many drinks I took (I only had the few sips from that one can), wiped the sweat from my back, rubbed my arm and assured me repeatedly that I will be ok. When my friend returned, he got the glass from her and held it as I drank from it. Since my driver was not picking up the phone, my friend decided to go to the parking lot to look for the car. I remember telling the man to not leave me alone, and, if my memory serves me right, he replied, “I really plan on staying here with you”. He continued to comfort me while he and my cousin (who went outside after my friend told him what happened) tried to figure out what caused my sudden dizziness.

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, my stressed out friend returned and told me to try to stand up, walk a few yards to the car that was by the driveway. The man waited for me to take a few steps, and when I did, he asked if I was really ok and gave instructions to my companions. He said goodbye and whispered, “Take care of her”, then he walked away.

The next day, after showing my gratitude to my friend, we concluded that maybe my drink was spiked with something.  And while we tried to recover from the shock, she revealed to me that the stranger, whose face I could not even remember (but whose voice I will recognize if ever I hear it again), stayed with us for more than an hour while the show he intended to see was happening inside the hall. We wondered, who was he? Was he for real?  Did anybody get his name? How does he look like? How could we thank him for being there?

Unfortunately, I never got to know who he was.

And as I went on with my life, I would sometimes be reminded of that night, the series of events, my friend’s heroic efforts…

knight-main_Full …and how we came face-to-face with someone who may well be my guardian angel.