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Sunday Playlist: JM and his guitars

Lifted this photo from @bobmaron over at Twitter… and even if I don’t play the guitar (or any instrument for that matter) I’m still envious of John Mayer’s collection (last count was 200 guitars).


This gave me an idea on how I will present today’s playlist.

Today, my playlist consisted of songs performed during the 2nd Mayercraft Carrier cruise held last week. Thanks to the wonderful Debbie Ocoboc over at MSM, I had the chance to live the experience via her recordings of John’s MCC2 performances.

Below are the songs worth noting, along with, hopefully, the correct description of the guitars he used.


Guitar: The famous Martin OM-28 John Mayer Acoustic

Song: “One Step at a Time” with Jordin Sparks at the VH1 Save the Music benefit (One Splendid Evening)


Song: “Sucker” Lido Deck


Guitar: Fender Tribute Stevie Ray Vaughan “Number One” Stratocaster 

Song: “Wheel” 1st Night (this was an awesome performance, too bad I could not find the full video)


Guitar: Fender John Mayer Relic Stratocaster, soon to be the Fender JM “Black One” Custom Shop Stratocaster

Song: “Good Love is on the Way” 1st Night


Song: “Sweetest Berry” David Ryan Harris’ 2nd show


Guitar: Fender Artist Series II John Mayer Stratocaster

Song: “Mercy” 2nd Night


Guitar: 25th Anniversary Ernie Ball MusicMan

Song: “Inner City Blues” Soundcheck Party


I don’t know if he used his other show gear (like the Fender Jimi Hendrix Monterey Pop Festival Custom Shop Strat Replica, the Martin D-41, and the Gibson Les Paul), but with a total of 4 sets (plus 2 DRH gigs he appeared in), he most probably did.

What I do know is that he got himself a new one during the cruise.

A few months ago, fan and fellow collector, Erik Thureson, designed the one-of-a-kind Heritage Le Mans Fender JM Strat which he patterned after John’s Ford GT (a bit of trivia: the name “Le Mans” came from that car racing circuit where the original Ford GT40 won 4 times in a row back in the 60s).

lemans strat2



Erik  attended the MCC2 and brought with him the Le Mans to see if John could play it at one of his shows. I think John thought that it was a gift, and Erik, who saw the excited look in his idol’s eyes, happily gave it to him. To his pleasant surprise, John offered to trade it with one of his guitars.





I sure hope he gets the Black Masterbuilt.



Here are a couple of bonus videos:

A nice shot of John performing “Half of My Heart” during the One Splendid Evening concert


And his shout out to Debbie O. (“The number 1 Mayer fan”) during his last show on the boat:


And this kid got to hold the original

Bob Maron (he’s John Mayer’s friend) posted a photo of his kid “strumming” “The Black One” (the Fender Stratocaster he usually uses).

It pays to be well-connected…


Exciting news for guitar fans

Fender is going to make limited and production line replicas of John Mayer‘s strat (he calls it “The Black One”, fans call it the “Burger Guitar”, I just call it “the one that he uses all the time”).