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This is actually helping me forget about what I see of him lately.

John Mayer singing “Glad To Be Unhappy” during Chris Botti’s show in Boston last year.


Abbey Road Studios

I was surfing channels on TV and found out that they were showing John Mayer “Live from Abbey Road” over at RJ TV. Lucky me, the song they were about to play was “Gravity”.

This was the JM that I really love –  When “Continuum” was just new, his hair was all long and curly, he was more of a musician than a Premiere Night or Oscar Red Carpet dude, with the entire gang – David LaBruyere was still there on bass, together with Robbie McIntosh, J.J. Johnson, Bob Reynolds and David Ryan Harris. This was the time when he would utter, “it’s only the music,” and I would believe, right-off-the-bat.

At least now, I am reminded why I like the guy.

2/3 of the Trio Jamming

This is actually a breath of fresh air. Steve Jordan and John Mayer doing some blues jam. Now, all they need is the wonderful Pino Palladino to make it all perfect.

Sunday Playlist: Back To Basics

I just got back from another out-of-town trip with the family and since there wasn’t any cable TV nor internet connection, I only had my book and my iPod to keep me company during my “me time” over the weekend.

It’s returning to basics, alright.

For my playlist, the notable songs are on the acoustic/soft rock side, just to keep it on topic.


Cover of "Live at Luther College"
Cover of Live at Luther College

Album: “Live at Luther College
Songs: “#41”, “Jimi Thing”, “Ants Marching”,”Crash”, “Say Goodbye” and “Satellite” (the song that made a fan out of me)


Cover of
Cover of Everyday

Album: “Everyday
Song: “Space Between”

Cover of
Cover of Busted Stuff

Album: “Busted Stuff
Song: “Where Are You Going?”


Heavier Things album cover
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Album: “Heavier Things
Songs: “New Deep”, “Clarity”, “Split Screen Sadness” and “Come Back to Bed


Cover of Some Mad Hope
Cover of Some Mad Hope

Album: “Some Mad Hope”
Song: “Come On Get Higher”

Cat Stevens’ “The Wind”

Maybe because of Boyzone‘s cover of “Father and Son”, which irritates the hell out of me, I didn’t really give Cat Stevens even a second of my ear time. But thanks to my adoration of the movie, “Almost Famous”, I am now a proud owner of one of Mr. Stevens’ (or Steven Demetre or Yusuf Islam – whatever he is called nowadays) tunes.

The reason why I love it, aside from the fact that Cameron Crowe and I have the same taste in music, is that the song is about self-reflection. A very simple song which tells us that eventually, we will all learn from our past and be at peace.

Have I already experienced that peace of mind? The serenity? No not really, but the song gives me hope.

Teaser and the Firecat album cover
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I listen to the wind
to the wind of my soul
Where I’ll end up well I think,
only God really knows
I’ve sat upon the setting sun
But never, never never never
I never wanted water once
No, never, never, never

I listen to my words but
they fall far below
I let my music take me where
my heart wants to go
I swam upon the devil’s lake
But never, never never never
I’ll never make the same mistake
No, never, never, never

“Rilkean Heart” by Cocteau Twins

This was a song that Elizabeth Fraser dedicated to Jeff Buckley, who was a huge fan of German poet Rainer Maria Rilke‘s works.

Milk & Kisses album cover
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Here’s what Fraser said on the liner notes of Cocteau Twins’ “Milk and Kisses” CD: “Milk and kisses for the first man / my old man / love and a thousandfold rose for Buckley / my Rilkean Hearted friend”

One of the very few New Age songs that I am beginning to love.

Rilkean Heart
I looked for you to give me transcendent experiences
To transport me out of self and aloneness sent alienation
Into a sense of oneness and connection, ecstatic and magical
I became a junkie for it
I come looking for the next high and I’m sorry I’ve been putting the search
on the wrong place

I understand that you’re confused, feeling overwhelmed
Well that’s a feeling state from then, the reality

With cleaning up my emotional life and getting in touch with myself
I’m beginning to ground myself in my own sense of being as an entity
One entity on the planet,
Becoming truly self reliant
And become connected with something beyond me
That is where I have to go
I’m so sorry I’ve been putting the search on the wrong place

You’re lost and don’t know what to do
But that’s not all of you
That’s your reality today
And that is all okay

I understand that you’re confused, feeling overwhelmed
Well that’s a feeling state from then, the reality

Rilkean heart

heart x7
I’m lost I don’t know what to do
It’s not all on you
That’s the reality today
Right now it’s all okay
I understand that you’re confused
Feeling overwhelmed
Love’s a feeling straight from then
The reality

“Serve You”

A Chris Whitley song which can be found in the Dave Matthews-produced CD “Rocket House

The video below was taken during his 2004 performance at the Knitting Factory (special guest – his daughter, Trixie)

See the migrant wing
Against the sky
Know exactly where
Don’t know why
Some day i will serve you

Some day

See the water falling from
The cloud
Know exactly when
Don’t know how

Some day i will serve you

Some day

Now the moon will rise
On your naked faith
Cause a wave to break
Where you bathe

Some day i will serve you

Some day