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What is happening to live writer

Thumbs down I am wondering why Live Writer has deteriorated. 10 years ago, it was the best thing ever for blogging. I wonder what happened… Plug-ins are gone. The writing window looks weird and it seems to have bugs.

I need a new writing client. Any suggestions?


taking a hiatus

My laptop is busted (all webpages I wanted to visit couldn’t be displayed so I assumed it was a system attack) and I have yet to bring it to the shop as I am not sure if it’s worth it (I’m getting a Mac from my new work so I’m thinking of replacing my old laptop with a nice huge, LCD-screened desktop)

Here’s something for the Windows-phile reading my blog posts, why in tarnation can’t I reinstall my Windows Vista? It kept on saying that requirements were not present. The thing is, it can not have any files as I was reformatting it, right??!?!?! It was installed before so why couldn’t I do it now??? HELP!!!!

Anyway, I’m using my mom’s Asus Eee PC with a Linux OS and a teeny weeny monitor, which is not really a great laptop for web lovers like me as it only has a 4gb space. Given that, I’m not sure if I’ll have the patience to post something often.